After having bought your favourite fruits and vegetables from a reliable seller like fresh Singapore, there are various things you need to look for to ensure the fruits and vegetables are fresh. Unlike the old times before refrigerators came when you could differentiate between fresh fruits and vegetables, now it’stough to distinguish a fresh and “stale” fruits. That is because the refrigerators can keep fruits and vegetables fresh for a long time.In this article, we shall discuss the things that can help you to know fresh fruit easily. By identifying those things, you will be able to spot fresh fruit easily. Some of those things include;

Bright colour

If you need to know if your fruits and vegetables are fresh easily, you need to consider the colour of the fruit or vegetables. Fruits and vegetables with the most attractive colours are more likely to be fresh ones. Avoid fruits that appear stale because they got deprived when not fully mature. For more information about wholesale fruits on


Taste is another essential thing that can help you to know fresh fruits and vegetables from fresh Singapore. Fruits and vegetables kept for a long time have a sour taste. It is easier to differentiate between fresh and stale fruits through the tasting. Fresh fruits will always have the original flavour of the fruit or vegetable.


Most of the fresh fruits and vegetables are more substantial than the stale ones. That is because as you store the fruits, they lose some content such as water and other essential things. For instance, fresh fruit produces a lot of juice as compared to the ones that are not fresh.

The aroma and texture

Finally, aroma and the texture of the fruits and vegetables are the other crucial things that can help you to know the fresh produce quickly.  For instance, fresh fruit may be frim and not very hard. A fruit may harden as a result of keeping it in cold temperatures for a long time. A well-ripened fruit has a unique aroma that helps you to know if the fruit is fresh or not. Considering the above-discussed things, you can quickly tell if the fruits you have bought are fresh or not.