What Is The Relationship Of Spiritual Awakening With The Human’s Ego?

Awakening a part of reality beyond a human’s ego is known as spiritual awakening. When we say the term ego, it exclusively means the sense of self or commonly known as the “I”. This kind of awakening usually occurs when the ego of a person eventually disappears letting the higher spirit arise within.

There has been a confusion between the terms and descriptions of psychic awakening and spiritual awakening. The term psychic awakening is somehow related to the activation of the human’s pineal gland. When this happens, the person can open up the other dimensions beyond reality which is bot limited to time and space only. On the other hand, an spiritual awakening is more connected with someone’s psychological thinking since it closely involve with the human’s heart, body, and soul. Get more interesting details about spiritual unite check this site.

Many taoist defined the ego of humans as a kind of lower soul. But, what exactly is the ego? It is more comprehensive to understand that ego occurs when you are literally stating your name like “ I am (your name)” and the likes. That is how the ego works. It is more on possessiveness and it seems to separate one’s self among other things. The lower soul of every human is actually based on negative emotions as well as in pleasures that can meet the different desires.

So, what exactly happens during spiritual awakening? When this happens, people tend to look within the ego. During the process of Spiritual awakening, the ego starts to connect with the spirit. For the taoist, the lower soul gets deepened and enriched by the higher soul. Despite of this, not all people can experience this kind of awakening. There are certain stages for a psycho-spiritual growth of every individual. These developments can grow as the time goes by. Many people are still confused regarding spiritual awakening and psychic awakening. Although the two may seem to work similarly, they have differences and varying stages of developments.