Online bettors around the world are always searching for the lowest cost way to send money to their online betting accounts and to receive money back. For some, the best way is through a credit or debit Mastercard. Many times when you use Mastercard the money will show up in your account instantly, ready for use in placing bets. It’s generally a low cost way to get money back and forth between your betting account and your bank account, which is why so many people like it.

You’ll find that a lot of betting sites accept Mastercard as a form of payment, but they do not always accept them from new accounts. Sometimes you have to have your account for a few months before you’re allowed to deposit through Mastercard.

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If you’re looking for discretion in your banking statements, Mastercard is not a good option. There’s no way to hide that a payment was made and what it was made for if you use your card directly. One option you have is to use an e-wallet service such as Paypal, Skrill, or Neteller. These allow you to deposit funds into the e-wallet and then send them as payments to companies and websites that accept this form of payment. You can find more information on UK betting regulations here.

This can act not only as a source of discretion, but also a safety buffer between betting sites and your personal information. The betting sites will only be interacting with your e-wallet, therefore they won’t have any of your card or account information. A lot of online bettors feel safer this way, as their money is more secure in the event of anything happening on the site.

Using an alternate form of payment like this can also allow US bettors to make deposits and withdrawals with their Mastercard through a third party service.


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